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Functional Beauty

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Yaron Linett is a dog person married to a cat person. He likes to cook, use overly complicated words, and pace while he talks on the phone.  He is also the Principal Designer of Formal Traditional the only Interior Design Firm in the Washington DC Metro area which combines both Full Service Interior Design and an In House Fine Artist.  

Laura Linett is a cat person married to a dog  person. She is the Swiss Army knife of the firm with enough hobbies for ten people. She is also the Lead Artist with extensive formal training and an obsession with making sure you actually have enough room to walk around your new furniture.

Our Values

At Formal Traditional we strive to serve our valued and respected clientele through a system of Satisfaction By Design.  We rely on experience, expertise, and impeccable integrity to complete projects on time, on budget, and with consistently pleasing results.

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