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"What you see is what you get"

 At Formal Traditional we are transparent in all we do.

We deliver our clients a fully realized vision, modeled to scale and carefully thought out.

Then we present our designs with 2D assets, swatches, samples and costs as well the ability to immerse ones selves in the space with 3D virtual reality.

The  15 Steps

At Formal Traditional we follow a 15 step design process so that you always know which step we are on and what to expect next. For example we have a "trades day" in which all our contractors come on the same day to gather information for quotes. This minimizes your inconvenience and allows us to give realistic numbers on presentation day. You of course are given a copy of the 15 steps and access to a google drive with all the information and costs associated with your project.

We take transparency seriously and want our clients to feel comfortable and informed with the whole design process. We want to bring you joy not stress.

360 Virtual Tours

Why VR? So that you will get a real understanding of how the design will look in your space. We want you to be confident with  our design decisions.

Please enjoy these virtual tours of previously completed projects. Click and drag (or tap) to explore in complete 360. Double click or tap for full screen. If you have a headset you can view them in virtual reality.


Look for the toggle buttons to view the original renders presented to our clients.

Click the button bellow for more tours.


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