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Laura Linett

Lead Artist

If something more bespoke is needed Laura will make that happen. She has two fine art degrees, one from The Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto Canada (one of North America's most prestigious art institutions) and CÉGEP Heritage College, Hull Quebec Canada. She majored in illustration and fine art. Laura produces all the digital assets for the company including web design, rendering and VR presentations. Her hobbies include but are not limited to leather tooling, sewing, embroidery design, stencil design, faux finishing, furniture, fabric and wallpaper design, collecting vintage cast iron and tinkering with old sewing machines. She loves hammocks and camping and especially hammock camping, and cats. She is Canadian, a mom, and married to a very talented interior designer.

Yaron is the Principal Designer of Formal Traditional the only Interior Design Firm in the Washington DC Metro area which combines both Full Service Interior Design and an In House Fine Artist.  Because of this he is able to offer both Turn-Key design and completely unique custom pieces tailored to his clients individual tastes and needs.  Yaron has a degree in Sociology which is useful when navigating the world of... multiple decision makers.  With a bevy of skilled craftspeople on his "A-Team", and a personal philosophy of transparent business practices; he specializes in designing for C and D level executives. Yaron is frequently heard explaining "You don't have to lift a finger."

Yaron Linett

Principal Designer

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