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Moyer review

professionalism, care, insight

I am the home-owner of the project listed as Domus Rasa in the gallery section. I cannot over-emphasize the level of professionalism, care, insight and attention to detail I received from this company. I do not often take the time to write a review but this is a company that deserves the extra time and attention. I originally requested some interior design help from a popular retail store. After three months, they still ignored us and failed to provide any samples or layout suggestions. I got in contact with Yaron asking if he could give me some guidance on how to coordinate fabrics because it appeared that I would be trying to decorate my house alone. What I received was way more than advice, it was a commitment to help us achieve our dreams. This company had my home transformed within weeks. I had never considered interior design before. I thought it was a privilege of only the very rich. Formal Traditional has changed that view for my family and friends. They were up-front with establishing timelines and budgeting for the future. This is a company that is focused on your own tastes and needs. There are a lot of people who are talented in matching colors, but this is company that helps you realize your visions and how to achieve them in your home. I was hesitant to hire someone to help me with my home because I didn't know what to expect from a service like this. I expected a professional that would help me match my tastes with a product. What I never expected was the level of care and understanding I received. I hired a decorator and received a friend and product I couldn't be happier with.


-Thank you Formal Traditional!

Ross review

Thanks to FT, we achieved our goals

Design and decorating are the tip of the iceberg for Formal Traditional. As a Realtor and Investor, I've leveraged Formal Traditional in a variety of ways, from consulting to collaboration, however it was when I was interested in furniture and decoration at my own home that I began to appreciate the depths of service that FT provides. I think the perception is that decorators aren't "affordable", which couldn't be further from the truth...I'm not sure that our project would have fallen within our stated budget had we self managed it...Thanks to FT, we achieved our goals (which Formal Traditional helped us refine) in less time and money that anticipated. Yaron, specifically, is incredibly deliberate and thoughtful...I deferred to his expertise several times and am glad that I did. We love our newly defined spaces. Formal Traditional delivers as promised and Yaron's service orientation is inspiring...I've never worked with anyone so intent on being transparent and properly setting and managing expectations. So often I'd say "Yaron, I trust you...we don't need to go over this." To which he'd reply, "Tyler, we MUST go over this, I know you trust me, but we need to do it right." There were no corners cut, no shortcuts, just communication and delivery. Through our conversations I learned far more about Formal Traditional's capacity...custom work from fabrics to milling and engravings and art, upholstery, design...Formal Traditional is a great resource. Yaron and Laura are good, smart people who obviously are aligned with their chosen work.

-Tyler Ross

A Pleasure to Work With

“To Whom this may concern, I have had the opportunity of working with Yaron on several projects. As we completed a rather complex old world home Yaron was knowledgeable about the products, very punctual, extremely detailed and a pleasure to work with. He took charge of the projects and completed them in a timely and professional manner. I would recommend him highly.”

—JaLynn P.


Pragmatism with Style

“I worked with Yaron on both my dining room, living room and my daughters’ bedroom. Yaron brought the perfect balance of pragmatism with style appropriate for my home, my daughters’ visions and my budget. He is an expert in his field and a pleasure to work with.”

—Tricia M


The Blue Fabric


“I was looking for a very unique fabric which which was no longer carried by the original manufacturer. Yaron pursued every avenue available and somehow managed to find an alternative that matched. He has an incredible eye for color as well as an extensive knowledge of the different types of fabrics available. On top of these abilities, Yaron is very sincere and works above and beyond to make sure the job is done right.”

—Phillip M.

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