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What I buy...for me.

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

This Curry and Company ram lamp came home with us.
Curry Ram Lamp

Our new home and office presents us with the perfect excuse to purchase new furniture, so what do we consider when we are looking for ourselves? 1. Quality.  You know what they say, buy once, cry once.  A well made piece will last far longer than its cheaper counterpart.  The saving of shipping a second time alone justifies investing several hundred more on a higher quality initial item. 2. Durability.  Yes this is like quality above, but knowing that there are many types of durability and making sure to account for your needs is of paramount importance.  Light-fastness, soil and stain resistance, abrasion resistance, all these and more need to be factored into the final piece. 3. Look.  If the piece is something you truly love even if your needs change in the future you will likely be able to move it to another location.  There will never be a time when we won't be able to find a spot in some room for our Currey and Company lamps or our Theodore Alexander candlesticks. So you probably want some specifics at this point.  No problem. We just ordered a new sofa for our guest room.  What did we select?  We chose a custom-made sleeper sofa from our friends at The MT Company. It will be extra deep and sized based on our room dimensions.  The cushions are eight way hand tied, and will be filled with springs and down. 

We also upgraded the filling on the back and covered the whole thing in soil and stain resistant Crypton treated leather.  The legs will coordinate with the stained wood found through our house and the whole thing in addition to being beautiful and comfortable should withstand our future dog, make that dogs... That we are definitely going to get, eventually.


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