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  • Writer's pictureYaron Linett

What does "In Stock" really mean?

Often we want to shop "in stock", which we mean the vendor has it in hand and can ship it quickly. In reality the industry isn't always transparent about what that phrase actually means.

In stock to some vendors means they have it and can immediately sell it to you. To some it means they have it, but it may be reserved for another client. Some mean they have it in their warehouse which may or may not be in the country. Sometimes it means that their distributor has unallocated goods. It could mean the distributors manufacturer says they have a run that has just been produced wherever the factory is.

Regardless of what they mean we know what questions to ask to help ensure timely delivery of goods. Want to know more? Reach out and schedule a discovery call or consultation and we would be happy to discuss the topic further.


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