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What can you expect at your presentation?

We typically start be showing you a rendering as we envision the space completed. Often that rendering is presented in a three dimensional virtual reality format. After that we typically show a few highlights and then break down our selections in a two dimensional format.

As we go through the options we will hand you physical samples of the colors and textures, and then we go through a line-item product schedule of every selection together as you make your selections from our recommendations.

Our intention is to price out your wishlist and then hand you the "budget scissors." Sometimes a particular selection might not strike your fancy. No worries, in that event we determine what qualities of the piece you do like and what qualities you wish were different. Armed with your refinements we are often able to find the perfect fit shortly thereafter.

At the end of the presentation we should know what you want, approximately how long it will take to arrive, and give or take a variable amount for shipping what the cost will be as well.

Sound simple? It is.


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