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What can you do with a dumpy bedroom?

Canopy bed with custom pillows and window treatment.
Creamy Dreamy Bed and Window Treatments

Have we begun repurposing sea-shanties for blog topics? Maybe, but if you are spending as much time at home as well...most of the world, then this blog is for you. Chances are you have a bedroom. If you do not then reading interior design blogs would seem like a very low priority. So, bedroom assumed it is also likely that you are looking for a few ways to spruce it up. Below what follows are a list of things that you can undertake yourself to dramatically improve your in-room experience. Note: You are not required to sing them, nor to do them early in the morning.

1. Clean the windows. More light, full spectrum natural light specifically will make you feel better and will make colors in the room appear more true. Stack your window treatments off the glass, let the sun shine in.

2. Change your sheets and your pillow. We always recommend white sheets they just look cleaner, and as for your pillow...when was the last time you replaced it? Everything your body has been doing to those sheets your head has been doing to that pillow, and worse. A new pillow is a small price for a big difference.

3. Declutter. Your room contains things you don't love, don't need, and don't use. If an item is not at least two of those three things it does not belong. A large part of decorating is negative space, give yourself some more.

4. Add something alive. Greenery, especially the kind that help clean the air will not only make the room be healthier physically it has been shown to have mental health benefits as well.

5. Introduce an accent color. You don't have to paint an accent wall or wallpaper the ceiling to make a room feel different. Add a few (and only a few) throw pillows on top of those nice white sheets, or place that plant in a beautiful ceramic planter. Perhaps you can tie those drapes back with a contrasting tieback. Small pops in an otherwise calm space have a big impact.

6. Add or move a mirror. Now that we have more light and space focus on bouncing it around the room to amplify its effect. Additionally your accents will get a bit of a boost too if you can see them from more than one place.

7. Still have energy? Repaint the trim. Door molding, crown, chair rail, baseboard, whatever you have. Likely this has not been done in quite some time, and using a gloss finish will really help outline the room. It also not only bounces light, but it tends to be the most durable option as well.

8. Or you can skip all of the above and book a consultation. You don't have to lift a finger.

Yaron Linett


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