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We are just fans, huge fans!

Many years ago I had a conversation with my uncle.  For those of you who do not know him he is something of a celebrity having appeared as a guest expert on a certain very well known television show where people pawn things...

We were discussing a dining room table a client wanted to purchase a table that in today's dollars would run about $50-60K.  I remember him pronouncing that he would never make such a purchase...after all it was a depreciating asset.  I was stunned. It had never occurred to me, but he was right.  If you can afford such a piece why not purchase one that would appreciate?

Now my uncle would suggest that you purchase an antique, after all nobody can ever make another Washington chest (although Theodore Alexander does reproduce them)...but I now, many years later and at least a few years wiser have an alternate suggestion.  There is certainly merit to his idea, but so too is there to purchasing a "future antique".

This my friends is where I want to introduce you to the name Aaron Radelow.  An antique comes in the size and condition it exists in, Aaron is not bound by any such limitations.  Custom, we love custom, but do you know what is better?  Heirloom Quality.  Do you want something to hand down to future generations of your family?  Of course, whether to keep or eventually sell, you do.  Of course Aaron does not simply make custom and heirloom quality pieces...Mr Radelow produces Museum Quality pieces to the highest standard, his.

Hyperbole?  Perhaps you should take a trip to the Getty Museum in LA and see for yourself.  This is the part where I tell you that I have not been solicited, induced, compensated, or in any other way influenced to write the above. We are just fans, huge fans, and also it doesn't hurt that he is an animal person...


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