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Top ten blog part 1...

The car is packed to go to college and you are free to design a new space.
Off To College

We love our children and will miss them deeply when they move out, but rather than thinking of it as losing a moody boarder think of it as regaining a room.  Here are the first five of ten ideas for what that room could become.  Not that we've put too much though into it...just enough.

An Office- For those of you who don't already work from home telecommuting is on the rise and for a good reason   Why fight traffic when a dedicated work space can be mere feet away?  Research has shown that your mind has an easier time focusing on work when you establish a consistent space as opposed to setting up wherever you plop your laptop down.  A desk with cord management solutions, proper lighting, and printer station loaded with supplies are a good start.  Upgrade with a full bar, or maybe that is just our office...

A Meditation Room - With all the sound and light pollution we deal with sometimes you need a space where it is quiet, a space where you can more easily be mindful.  With a few tricks for absorbing sound and controlling the temperature and intensity of the light such a space is easily created.  As a bonus typically this room requires the least furniture of anywhere in the house!  Upgrade your room with beautiful sound absorbing cork for a great look, great feel, and even a great smell. An Exercise Room - Another "me time" room that can have big pay-offs long term.  Some mirrors, the right flooring, and a reasonable investment in your health can pay big dividends.  Upgrade your room with high end audio equipment and for a more immersive experience while you work out.  Mrs Formal Traditional suggests skipping this and turning the entire room into a sauna instead. More Storage - No matter the size we have never been in a home with sufficient storage.  Clear the clutter with some fantastic floor to ceiling shelves.  Upgrade this room by adding individual containers that fit exactly onto the shelving.  Transparent for items you want to be able to see, opaque for those you don't.  Apply a label prominently to the front of each with a chalk pen. A Guest Bedroom - The most obvious choice, here is a chance to do a room the way you want it done.  No more black walls or ripped posters, unless that's your thing...  A bed with luxurious linen, and custom blackout lined curtains (you never know what timezone someone might be from) is where we would start.  Upgrade this room by adding a beautifully curated nightstand with everything a guest might have forgotten or could possibly need along with a vanity, full length mirror, and comfortable seating. Check back next month for part two, Yaron


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