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Top 10 Blog, Part 2

An empty bedroom in a Craftsman style home.
Empty Bedroom, New Possibilities

Last month we discussed the first five or ten ideas for what do do with a spare room once your children move out. This month we present the second part of our idle musings:

An Art Studio - Whether you already nurture your creative side or would like to start, an art studio can help keep your supplies contained and organized. Work surfaces, organizational systems, proper lighting, it is so much easier to work when everything you need is at hand. Upgrade your studio with specialty lighting that will allow you to mimic conditions that your work will likely be displayed in and a light box for making photographing your work easier.

An Air BnB - Would you like guests, but only on your terms? Would you like them more if they paid to stay? Perhaps now is the time to consider an Air BnB. An "Instagramable" space is the goal. Start with the same basics as you would for an amazing guest bedroom. Upgrade this room with luxury amenities like you would find in a Five Star/Five Diamond establishment. Fresh flowers, amazing spa products, snacks, and everything else you could need at night already in the room.

A Library - Finally a few extra moments to sit an lose yourself in the books you have been meaning to get to for years. You can house all those arcane tomes along with other mementos and curious objects from distant lands in this space. Majestic shelving, task lighting, and just the right combination of seating gets you most of the way there. Upgrade this room with our personal favorite, a hidden door behind a movable section of bookcase.

A Game Room - Time to invite your friends over. Storage is always key, but a specialty table, amazingly comfortable chairs, and at a minimum a bar cart is where we would begin. Upgrade to this room depend heavily on what games you play, but there is almost never a time when putting more into your audiovisual equipment won't pay off.

A Fostering Room - You had to know we would have one of the list somewhere. For those of you who are animal lovers, but are looking for a more temporary arrangement rather than adding another forever member to the family, consider a room specifically to isolate foster animals. It is safer physically and emotionally on them to at least start off in a smaller controlled space. Washable walls and impervious floors are a must. Add to that a space for them to hide and sleep. Toys are a must and storage for food and supplies as well will make things easier. Upgrade the room by adding a washing station. They might not love being cleaned, but pet-mom knows best.

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