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The Holidays are upon us

Family tree tea towel hanging on a dishwasher.
The holidays are food and family.

Timing... The Holidays are upon us, and with them all the guests, their children, their pets, and their messes. People always scramble to get their homes ready for the holidays, and I always ask them to reconsider. Let's wait until after all the food and wine are spilled to reupholster those dining room chairs. Enjoy them for at least a few months before someone inevitably "oops's" them.

But what about performance fabric you say? What about performance fabric indeed. There are many types of durability; fade resistance, abrasion resistance, solid and stain repellency...but so too are there many forms of damage that can occur. A fork poked through a seat by a bored teen...a toddler learning to write who "signs" your wing chairs...a puppy who teeths on your couch cushions...

Our standard disclaimer includes acts of man, God, war, nature, and pet. I'm not saying that we won't offer appropriate items, or that the manufacturer's warranty won't be honored, but I am saying..let's just enjoy your new pieces for a while before seeing if you really can't tell anything ever happened to it.


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