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Mikey the Formal Traditional Siamese cat
Mikey Our Siamese Cat The Majestic Mess Maker

Our firm is more than pet friendly.  As a matter of fact I often joke that our ideal client is a dog...owner.  You can scroll through our images and find dogs, cats, goats, chickens, pigs, horses, and any number of other animals belonging to our friends and clients.  So as a pet friendly designer what do we pay special attention to?  Smells.  You don't want things that smell bad, and neither do they.  Plants.  The majority of people have no idea how deadly many common house plants are to our furry friends.  And durability.  We understand nothing lasts forever, but in most cases something that will hold up longer is better.  Got a new friend we need to meet?  Shoot us a picture or schedule a consultation.  We promise any time spent petting your dog or playing with your cat is not billable.  


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