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It Takes Time

Our Siamese cat sleeping on a packing box.
Box for a Bed

Did you know that on average it takes a full year before you are out of boxes when you move? That'

s right, statistically speaking half of all people will take longer. Even more than that the average homeowner completes their initial decoration of their home after...five years! Don't beat yourself up if you haven't gotten it all done, you are far from alone. How long should you expect your upholstery to last? If you purchased a quality piece the frame itself should last indefinitely. As for the fabric we typically see 10-20 years of wear between needing to have it reupholstered. Extra hard on your pieces? Use a fabric that will hold up longer. The cost of upgrading your fabric is a lot less than the cost of reupholstering even one additional time. How long does the average Interior Design project take? Typically one expects any given project to take between 6 to 18 months from conception to completion. Obviously the scope of the work and availability of the pieces heavily influences those numbers. How long should it take to get a call back or emailed reply? One business day. We of course all want immediate answers, but sometimes it is worth taking a little longer to make sure that when you do get than answer that it is correct. And with that, I'm out of time...


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