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How to choose a towel:

There is a great debate within our household, which is the best type of towel. Because of the differing opinions we hold, our linen closet contains samples of every towel known to man (and even most known to women). Consequently when looking to supply towels to clients we are able to bring samples from across the fluffy spectrum. In general there are thin fast drying towels, such as Turkish towels, and on the other side thick extra absorbent ones. These thicker towels are often made of cotton and take significantly longer to dry. Linen and bamboo fibers are not uncommon as well and each have their own benefits, but in general we suggest a hybrid style towel for those without a defined preference. It is possible to have a wicking synthetic cored towel with cotton thread on the face that has the luxurious feel of cotton, while still being quicker drying. If you would like to know more or to discuss specifics reach out and send us an email or comment below.


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