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Why Formal Traditional?

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Yaron on his phone combining business and ice cream.
Gelato and Work

I would say I get asked this a lot, but honestly I am always asked "Why Formal Traditions?"  But back on topic, frankly my name is Yaron Linett.  Most people can't pronounce my first name, and spelling my last name is right out as well.  Most every Interior Designer uses their name for their firm with something appended to it.  I didn't feel like sending all my business to a Jerome Linette Interiors or Huron Lynette Designs...  Consequently I used the name of one of the three design blogs I authored nearly a decade ago.  Formal Traditional was hosted on the now defunct Google+ platform and focused on items I personally loved.  Decorating Basics, one of the other blogs I wrote focused on information for clients or potential DIY'ers and subsequently morphed into my monthly column Design 101 published by Piedmont Publications.  My final blog was for new decorators and designers and has been completely supplanted by Facebook groups dedicated to the purpose.  I should add it also didn't hurt that I was able to secure it on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google, but if you really want you should be able to get to my web page at as well.  Just remember one "n", two "t"'s, and no final "e"... 


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