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Paint and tile samples on a desk.
Paint and Tile Musings

Once again we find ourselves pondering the old acronym PEMDAS and the important of order of operations. You can not paint the new fence until it is acclimated. The fence will not be acclimated until after it is installed. It will not be installed until the concrete is poured. The concrete will not be poured until the driver can deliver it... So too should you not choose your paint first. Unless you are insisting on a line of paint that comes in a limited palette (we're looking at you Farrow and Ball) your paint shop can mix you whatever color paint we specify. The same is not true for many of the other items in the room. Always start with the pieces you have the fewest options in and work your way from there. Just like packing a moving truck if you get the largest (read here fewest options) put away the rest of the smaller things can be fit around them. So for our dear friend with a dining room that needs a refresh. First: Plan with existing furniture. Next: Select statement chandelier. Then: Procure custom window treatments. Penultimately: Reupholster chairs. Lastly: Pick wall color. Installation schedule will be as follows: First: Paint walls. Next: Hang window treatments. Then: Install Chandelier. Penultimately: Place existing furniture. Lastly: Deliver reupholstered chairs. Fin.


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