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Blog post "Zip, Bop, Whirr"

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Yellow room with tall window treatments and cozy fireplace.
Tall Treatments

Recently we have seen a real uptick in questions regarding motorized window treatments. For those of you looking at the fascinating world of window treatment automation here are a few considerations when designing a system: Power Source - Not only do we need a motor powerful enough to handle the weight of your treatment, but it needs a power source as well.

Some systems use batteries, some are plug in, and some need to be hard wired. Battery powered units are the least intrusive to install...but not ideal when you need to climb 25' to change them out... Motor Noise

Once we have a system in place what brand of motor you choose often greatly effects how many decibels of noise are generated while the treatments are in motion. It is much easier to select a quieter motor than to muffle the sound should that be a consideration. Control Device

Are you looking at a system that uses RF (Radio Frequency), IR (Infra Red), Bluetooth? Make sure you have channels that don't overlap for RF, line of sight to the sensor for IR, or signal for Bluetooth. How important is it that you always be able to operate your device? Compatibility

If you already have or will be moving to whole home automation it should be obvious that not every system plays nice with every other. Always check for compatibility before you purchase. Most of these systems are custom and cannot be returned once they are ordered.


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