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Before We Begin or A short list of things I want to know about your room.

A clients floor plan showing various measurements.
A clients floor plan showing various measurements.

Oft-times a potential client will want to provide basic information about their residence. When we demure they usually follow up with assurances that their figures will be accurate or that these numbers are for discussion purposes only, and we can verify them ourselves. While it likely won't hurt, we know that people would become overwhelmed by the things we consider when we look over a room. Provided for your edification or bemused horror is the following partial list: What are the dimensions of the room? Length, width, height? Are there any important features that deviate from those figures? Every wall must be measured as assuming any two walls are of the same size is folly. Are there areas where a surface bows or cups? How are the walls treated and from what are they constructed? Are they upholstered, papered, painted? If so what is the sheen level, color, brand, condition? What are the moldings, frames, ceiling, etc all done in as well? How many windows are there? What are their dimensions? What is their style? How are they positioned within the walls? What type of hardware do they have? What type of treatments currently exist, or may eventually be installed? How many light fixtures are there? What is their style? What are their dimensions? What type, wattage, color, and potentially CRI are their bulbs? where are they located within the room, and is there a reflected ceiling plan, and a switching plan? How many doors are there? Where are they located? Do they swing? How do they swing? What are their dimensions? How are they finished? What style are they? Do they lock? What are the floors composed of? What condition are they in? Is there any evidence that the subfloor needs addressing? What is the color, brand, size? What direction does it run? What pattern is used for the layout? How many outlets are there? What style are they? What type of faceplate do they have? What color are they? Are they GFCI? How are they positioned relative to the wall and floors? Do any of them toggle on a light switch? Obviously there are many more things to consider as well, traffic patterns, lines of sight, etc...but that is a pretty good start to what we need to know about any given room, and a good reminder as to why we say "You don't have to lift a finger."


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